Member Benefits

Member Amenities

  1. 10% DISCOUNT on Pontoon Boat, Cottage, Brick House, and Lakeside Special Events Center Rentals
  2. Complimentary rental of the Pavilion
  3. Member events
  4. Upgraded golf cart paths
  5. WiFi and HD TV from Spectrum – Click here for more details on Wifi or Click here for Preliminary Welcome Kit
  6. As a result of the new WiFi technology, enhanced security throughout Carolina Marina

***Spectrum HD Channel Lineup***


Please note that all Spectrum Cable and Internet installations are now complete. We will be handing out lot-specific credentials upon your lease renewal in 2020, starting effective March 1, 2020, as the amenities fee is put into place. These private campsite Internet networks (identified by CarolinaMarina_### – where ### is the lot #) will not be activated prior to your lease renewal date unless you decide to opt-in earlier. Should you want to opt-in earlier, please fill out and sign the form below and email it to

**Campground lot early adopt form**

Additional cable boxes and upgrades to Spectrum TV can be added whenever your lot-specific service is activated.

Until your lease renews, the GUEST WiFi network will be open and not password protected, and it is available to you campus-wide.

To access the CarolinaMarina_GUEST network, open a browser. If you see a Spectrum page, accept the terms at the bottom and you will be connected

(if available).


Please note that you are to use the Guest network in order to access the Spectrum service. Your amenities fee will not be added until your lease renews for 2020.