Season's Greetings were mailed out to leaseholders on December 12th, 2014. Thank you for your business.

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Effective immediately, we have received notification from Duke Energy that they will no longer be allowing "water-based recreational equipment" to be used on Belews Lake. Their definition of water-based recreational equipment is; any large recreational equipment that is not specifically designed to be used in conjunction with watercraft. These items include, but are not limited to, trampolines, sliding and diving boards not permanently attached to a permitted structure, blobs, three-person towables, and other large inflatable recreational items.

Duke Energy went on to say that they will, however, allow "water toys" to be used on Belews Lake. Their definition of water toys is; any small recreational equipment that is temporarily placed in Belews Lake and primarily used in conjunction with moving watercraft. These items included, but are not limited to, ski and inner tubes, ski bobs, and less than three-person towables.