(for Campground Lotholders & Slipholders)

Submit your Work Order request to our Maintenance/Grounds Department online! Just fill out the form below.

Please note: If you are trying to schedule a Work Order request for Service on your boat, jet ski, etc. please use the Boat Service Work Order request form on the Boat Service page. This page is for our Maintenance/Grounds Dept. ~ Thank you.

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I need service at my (please specify Campground Lot # or Marina Slip#)

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Please note that there may be a charge for the item(s) listed above. If you would like a quote in advance please let us know by checking the appropriate button.

Winterization Service for my unit at the Lot # listed above
Dock Repair (No charge if Carolina Marina dock-Charge if Duke Power dock)
Water Service Repair
Electrical Service Repair
Septic Service Repair

Tree Removal (please specify)


Pressure Wash Deck/Unit (available November 1-March 1 only)
Other Service (please specify)


Additional Comments?

Please call with quote before performing any work.



Terms of Service

I hereby authorize the above repair work to be done with the necessary material and hereby grant Carolina Marina and/or Carolina Marina employees permission to operate the unit as necessary for purposes of testing and/or inspection. There may be a charge for the item(s) listed above. Payment is due when services are rendered. An express mechanic's lien is hereby acknowledged on the above unit to secure the amount of repairs thereto.  I agree to pay a 2% carrying charge after 30 days, an annual percentage rate of 24%. Carolina Marina is not responsible for any loss or damage to unit(s) and/or contents in case of fire, theft, or any other cause beyond their control.

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