We currently have a few boat wet slips available at Carolina Marina on Belews Lake! Call 336-427-0498 for more details...

Lots Available
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548 Shelton Road

Stokesdale, NC 27357


Fax: 336-427-0524




Carolina Marina currently has no NEW Lake Villas for sale, however, we do have several pre-owned Lake Villas "For Sale by Owner".

To get the current listing of Lots Available click the following link;

 Lake Villas Available

 This listing shows the lot number available, the contact person's name and phone number, the type of unit currently located on the lot, the lot asking price and annual lease fees, and any available "extra" features. Questions regarding individual lots should be addressed to the contact person listed. 

For general reference, all campsites are located off of Shelton Road on either Campsite Road or Mountain View. The lots numbered 1-325 are on Campsite Road and the lots numbered 515-587 are on Mountain View. Campsite Road sites are located in the older section of the campground, and those lots located in Mountain View are in the newer section (nearer to the Drystack building - the Boat Hotel).

**Click here for 2015 Lease Rates**

If you are a current lotholder and are looking for the Maintenance Department Work Order Request Form or an Application for Building Permit for the campground lots, you can visit the Maintenance Department home page or use the following links;

Maintenance Work Order Request

Application for Building Permit - Campground Lots

E-911 Map